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Baby Steps

Health shifts are HARD. I often warn clients that it's going to seem like the tiniest baby steps forward, and progress won't always be blatantly obvious.. until it is. I've had the perfect example of one of those "until it is" situations the last little bit. A long time training client decided to join me… Continue reading Baby Steps

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The Golden Rule

I have this rule when I train clients- which many of them are bittersweet about. "If it's easy then you're probably not doing it correctly"This is in respect to their position and mechanics during different exercises. This isn't meant as a "no pain no gain" type rule- but more of a "you're body likes to… Continue reading The Golden Rule

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Inhale | Exhale 

It’s all going to be okay… Assuming you’re breathing right!  Just kidding.. It’ll be okay regardless. However, the way we breathe dramatically influences our total body function and health. Breathing improperly will not only cause stiffness in the upper back, shoulders, hips, and neck, it can also decrease energy levels. The most common manifestation I… Continue reading Inhale | Exhale 

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Do you have old person feet? 

Yes- I do actually ask my clients this question... and no I am not implying that all seniors have crazy feet.  What do I mean by old person feet?  I mean curled up, cramped, toes and likely sore feet, poor balance, and dysfunctional arches. Did you know a healthy foot has spaces between the toes??? … Continue reading Do you have old person feet? 

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I need to lose weight

The phrase I hear almost daily as a personal trainer. "My doctor said I needed to lose 20lbs in 3 months to get healthier". An actual sentence I got from one of my clients a few days ago. Yes, dropping lbs is sometimes a necessary part of getting healthy..... but more often then not improving… Continue reading I need to lose weight

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What’s Up at IM- Winter Update

Hey everyone! As usual I'm falling behind on my posting. I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on Integrative Movement and Katmah Training, as things are happening! As many of you know, Integrative settled into it's very own location in the South End of Winnipeg this fall. While we still travel… Continue reading What’s Up at IM- Winter Update

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Ouch! My Back!

'Tis the season for joint pain- especially low back pain. With all the business of the holidays we inherently spend more time rushing to and fro, sitting and visiting, and taking less care of ourselves. It's the time of year where I start to get more complaints from my clients and patients about nagging back… Continue reading Ouch! My Back!

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Twisting for Health

Here in Canada we've started the food and holiday marathon that is October (Thanksgiving) to January. In the next few months we'll be bombarded with gatherings, food, drinks, and cold weather. A amazing combination for socializing- a brutal combination for our bodies. Luckily, there are certain movements that can help with the usual bloating, digestion,… Continue reading Twisting for Health